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Beautifully Simple - Highly Acclaimed


Laser Buying Tip: "Never buy a laser that uses disposable tips"   Gives us a call and we will be more than happy to explain why.


"The Beamer STL 980 is the Best Dental Laser on the Planet"...The Profitable Dentist Magazine...9 years in a row.        


180 day "right to return" guarantee

  "Find any dental diode laser manufacturer that can meet or exceed our Beamer STL 980 in Performance, Reliability, Training, Low Overhead Cost and Customer Satisfaction and I we will issue you a full refund"... I will also, buy you the other laser...Dr. James King, Owner/President, King Dental Company, LLC 



                     4th Quarter Financing Option

Financing as low as $138 mo. with 90 day deferred payment and ZERO Early Payoff Penalty. You can literally let your Beamers buy themselves with ZERO out of pocket expenses.                


   Pricing includes: Training, all Accessories

and 3 year warranty 

(Financing available up to 60 months with no early payoff penalties) 


We also accept all major credit cards


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