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The only clinicians that think all diode lasers perform the same, are the ones that have never used a Beamer STL 980.  One day with a Beamer and you'll know who got it right!

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"The laser, Laser Experts, Recommend To Their Friends"

Local diode laser training courses now  being offered.

Do you have a group of 10 or more that would like a "hands on" diode laser course, featuring our Beamer STL 980?  GIve us a call today to discuss having this training in your area.

 Get an up close opportunity to see why the Beamer STL 980 is: "The Laser, Laser Experts Recommend To Their Friends".


The Profitable Dentist Magazine:

Dr. Woody Oakes..."The Beamer STL 980, is the best dental laser on the planet"...2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016


Centers for Dental Medicine:

 "After checking out all the alternatives, the Beamer STL was BY FAR the best of the bunch"

Dr. Robert Convissar, laser lecturer, author, trainer: 

  "The Beamer STL 980 is Unquestionably, the best diode laser on the market"


Dr. David Winn, first dentist in the US to own a dental diode laser, wrote the protocol for diode lasers in dentistry, laser author, lecturer and trainer: 

  "Simply put, the Beamer STL 980 is the easiest to use and most effective diode laser that we have ever worked with"

Angie Mott, RDH, laser trainer, lecturer, author

   "There are several lasers available to choose from but one that stands out as being both easy to learn and easy to use...and the results are amazing...the Beamer STL 980" 

Call today and get your questions answered by a laser expert, not a laser salesman or click here to go to our contact page. 



 Beautifully Simple, Highly Acclaimed

 "The Laser, Laser Experts, Recommend To Their Friends"







$6,795 / Finance @ $134 mo.

$6,995 with wireless foot control @ $138 mo.

Pricing includes all needed accesories, carry case and live "one on one" training.

 We also accept, Visa, MC, Amex and Discover

Beamer STL 980, Simply The Best