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 Be sure to read our "exclusive" guarantee below


Spring Special = Zero Out of Pocket Expenses 

      $288 a month for "2" Beamer STL 980's

All accessories and training included with:  ZERO Payments for 90 days, ZERO money down including,  ZERO origination fees, ZERO early payoff penalties and 3 year warranty


Beamer STL 980

#1 in Accurate Performance, #1 in Reliability and #1 in Customer Satisfaction and more than willing to prove it with our industry leading guarantee 



Laser Buying Tip:  Don't fall for the disposable tip trap.  A $4,000 laser,  used 400 times, will cost you  $8,000...$4,000 for the laser and $4,000 for tips.  Our Beamer STL 980 used twice as much, 800 uses,  will cost you $6,995...$6,995 for the laser and zero overhead cost for tips.   Just do the math, and you will understand that the  Beamer  STL 980 is the least expensive laser  you can buy with the best guarantee, ever.

2 goals for disposable tips, more profits for the company that sold it to you and to make sure you can only buy from them...very bad idea for you, great for them.  These companies are more than willing to sacrifice performance and reliability for greater profits.


Our Exclusive Guarantee plus a 3 year Warranty

180 day "right to return" guarantee:  "Find any dental diode laser that can meet or exceed our Beamer STL 980 in Performance Accuracy,  Reliability,  Low Overhead Cost,  Ease of use,  Customer Satisfaction,  Training and we will issue you a full refund"...Dr. James King, President/CEO King Dental Company, LLC



 "The day the Beamer arrived, we had 5 other soft tissue lasers in use.  By the second day, they were all collecting dust in the corner.  Simply put, the Beamer laser has been the easiest to use, most effective soft tissue laser that we have ever worked with"...Dr. David Winn, first dentist in the US to own a dental diode laser, Wrote the original protocol for dental diode lasers, Laser Lecturer, Laser Author, Laser Trainer and Laser Manufacturers evaluator, for over 30 years.



    "There are several lasers available to choose from but one that stands out as being both easy to learn and use...and the results are amazing"...the Beamer STL 980.  Angie Mott Wallace, RDH, co-author of  "Soft Tissue  Lasers in Dental Hygiene".


     Best laser, Best today